ghost limbs and more

by dropped out

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We have a new record coming out. And since we are a D.I.Y. band it's hard to pull together enough funds to create the record we think you deserve. So, we are putting out this B-side/Acoustic roll. It's free for you to download but if you can donate a buck or two to help go towards the actual record we would be forever gracious.

I hope you enjoy this b-roll, we can't wait for you to hear the full length when it's complete!!


released September 23, 2015

Tyler Montgomery, Andre Gutierrez, Dave E. Nation



all rights reserved


dropped out Austin, Texas

skate/pop punk out of Austin, TX.

Dropped Out is:

Andre - Bass
Dave - Guitar/Vox
Tyler - Drums

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Track Name: ghost limbs
I've always seen myself a stranger,
even to my own family.
my heart is breaking for all that we've lost
although, you might never hear it from me.

I tell myself all of the time to reach out
but sometimes it feels like I don't have any arms.
these ghost limbs are rising
although there's nothing there,
in my heart i'm wishing to keep you from harm.

there's nothing I can do,
it's all been done.
it's hard to see a plan
when you feel like this battle can't be won.
I hope that things heal,
i know that they will
just don't think of me badly,
even though i know i will...

i've always seen myself a stranger
to everybody I know.
I've always seen myself a stranger
everywhere that I go
Track Name: don't get me wrong
this medicine isn't helping
i thought i'd feel better but it's just getting worse
why can't I be normal, or what I believe to be normal is.
I don't wanna hate myself

I woke up today
and tried my best to smile
but I put it on upside down
why can't I just be happy with the way that I am
i don't wanna hate myself.

don't get me wrong I don't wanna be a narcissist
i just don't wanna hate myself.
Track Name: keeping me awake (alternate)
everyday's a struggle and i don't know what to do
starring at the ceiling all night is nothing new
i thought i had forgotten but I guess that i was wrong
i wish that i could just let go, but i just can't move on
this is getting out of hand, i haven't slept in days
and i see nothing reassuring telling me that it's ok
if only i had seen all that's at stake
i wouldn't be letting you keep me awake.
you're still keeping me awake.
Track Name: cake eater (acoustic)
not everyone understands what it's like to be addicted
to something that you need to survive.
over indulgence seems to overcome us
and we act on impulse
it's something i know that i struggle with everyday.
i'm waiting 'til i can stand up and say,
"i don't wanna be fat anymore,
i'd rather be healthy than eat this piece of cake"
i don't wanna be fat anymore
i'm standing on the edge and i think that i might break.

not everyone understands what it's like to be obsessed
with the food that you love to eat.
flavor and texture seems to get in the way
of any self-control that you have
i'm not even hungry, but i still want to eat
i'm just not strong enough it's got me beat.
i don't wanna be fat anymore
i'd rather be healthy than eat this piece of cake
i don't wanna be fat anymore,
i'm standing on the edge and i think that it might break...
Track Name: going out in style (acoustic)
i know that i left everything a mess
i blame it on the panic and the stress
if i would have thought things through
maybe i'd still be with you

but it's not like things didn't turn out for the best
and i can tell that you're not struggling by the way that you are dressed

look at us now, i'm not complaining
i'll say a prayer that it doesn't start raining
your special day, your special night
you know it's good.
that you've finally found someone
who'll make you feel just like you should

tonight, tonight
you're going out in style
it's been so long since i've seen you smile
tonight, tonight
don't you think of looking back
i don't want your bright white to turn to black

tonight, tonight
i'll stay out of your hair
and erase the memories just like i was never there
tonight, tonight
i'm not gonna hold you back
i don't want your bright white
to turn to black